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This emergency survival belt with buckle is an essential item for survival situation.
It can be used as an everyday belt but has other uses in a survival or emergency needs.
The unwrapped paracord can be used to, build shelter, Raise/lower a bucket or tools, fishing line, fishing net, tie down, or an emergency zip line harness, and many other uses.
If the belt is unbraided, it can also be used as a car tow strap, tourniquet, repelling harness, restraints, and emergency zip line harness.

* Solid steel belt buckle for rigidity
�7 core strand yarn, type III with a tensile strength of 550 lbs
* Belt Length (included buckle ): 115cm / approx . 45.3 inch
* Belt Width: 4.5cm/approx. 1.77 inch .
* Buckle size : 7 x 5.5cm
* Color : Black ,Army Green. Khaki

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